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Egghead On LOCKDOWN!! One Piece Chapter 1,070 BREAKDOWN

Testing, Testing 1 2 3 4 P!SS. Not having a good day guys. It’s Thursday, December 22nd, 2022, 4:56pm at the time of me writing this post, ya know. You’ll be seeing this on Christmas day. In which case, for everyone who celebrates the Holiday: Merry Christmas!! Holy SH!T I have a head ache right now. I might need my eyes checked again. Lame. But I need my eyes to do this, so it’s whatever. Between that and my awful schedule for the next few days- Not in a very “Festive” mood. But fortunately; Oda has blessed us with 1 more chapter this year. And it’s………… not as big as 1,044 or even last chapter. But it’s pretty interesting!! Vegapunk drops some information on making Artificial fruits- something that I’m sure he kept from Caesar. Also– LUFFY. Oda’s REALLY making sure we know he’s a Yonko now. All this and more in One Piece Chapter 1,070: “The Strongest Form Of Humanity.” Let’s begin……


Germa 66’s “Aah… An Emotionless Excursion” Vol 27 

We get to see the MADs group back in the day- Queen, Caesar, Vegapunk, Judge, and a woman. Though I’m not sure who. Since Stussy had those comments back in chapter 1,068; people have been thinking that she was part of MADs. And to be fair- Not like it’s impossible. SHAKKY exits- Stussy might be one of the woman in this story that “aged gracefully” and retained the standard Female design, as opposed to Giolla and Big Mom who……… went “differently.” Though that raises the question why someone as smart as she is is a Cipher Pol Agent of all things. You’d think that she’d be as protected and hidden as Vegapunk has been. Heck, man; how did she even end up working as a Celestial Dragon Lapdog in the first place? 

…………. These are points that make you think that this lady isn’t Stussy. It could be another character that we just haven’t met yet; Judge’s wife, Sora; or she’s dead and her death is what ended MADs. I would put my money on that third one, ’cause I don’t think a character like her is just gonna “pop up” randomly whenever they go to the next island. Which is Probably the Long Awaited ELBAF Arc. I’ll be very surprised if it isn’t. Honestly speaking, the situation kind of reminds me of the build up to Wano- every year waiting and waiting for Wano to start but we kept running into road bumps and doing other things. But I think Oda’s gonna pull the trigger on that one. Elbaf or bust! 

Chapter 1,070 

Following the events of last chapter: Sentomaru has been rushed by Lucci. Luffy apologizes for distracting him, but Sentomaru is conscious enough to say that he saw the attack coming- though he thought he was going to be able to block it. He’s about to move in for a killing shot, but Luffy intervenes, debuting his new “Dawn Whip” attack, elongating his leg and twisting up his body for a stronger version of “Gum Gum Whip.” But he ends up spinning so fast that he can’t stop and accidentally drills through the floor. Chopper and Jinbe take Bonney and Atlas towards the Vacuum Rocket while the other Seraphim take on CP-0. 

Seeing the battle; Franky realizes that S-Shark is using the powers of the Swim Swim fruit, belonging to Senior Pink. Knowing what he does about Devil fruits, he believes that this means that Pink is no more. But Vegapunk assures him that Pink is still alive in Impel Down. You seeHe was able to make a copy. So far; only the Zoan class has been able to be replicated successfully- kinda. He’s never been able to confirm if they have the ability to “Awaken.” Paramecia types on the other hand only require the previous users lineage factor to be replicated- a substance called “Green Blood” can be synthesized, and is flowing through the Seraphim’s bodies. Logia types are a bit of different case, though……………

Back in the Fabriophase: The Seraphim show off their individual Devil Fruit powers. Lucci gets back up, and is about to go after Sentomaru again. But Luffy returns to the scene- pulling a Pac Man, for lack of a better term. He tries to munch Lucci. And when that fails, he spits out the rubble at him. He then blitz’ past him and rubberizes a tube, using it to propel himself for a “Dawn Rocket.” It becomes so much for Lucci that he feels his consciousness fading.

This allows Luffy and co to get to the Vacuum Rocket undeterred, and they end up in the Labophase in 32 Seconds. After which; the Rocket is shut down, preventing anyone from using it to enter or leave the Labophase. The whole island is promptly put on Lockdown. Over in the Lab portion; Nami asks why the Government would want to get rid of an invaluable asset like Vegapunk. To which the good Doctor asks: “Would YOU rest easy if you thought such intellect mat turn against you?” Nami agrees. And not that same intellect is going to be on their ship!! Some are excited; some are worried; some just want their feet unbound. 

Back with Luffy’s group; we see Bonney- up and about- looking to beat the cr@p out of Vegapunk for unleashing a swarm f insects on her. In the Fabriophase; CP-0 and the Seraphim are ordered to block every exit- not a single enemy is to leave Egghead Island. While on the seas; we see Kizaru on his way to the island. Even knowing that Vegapunk has allied himself with the Straw Hat’s- he’s unphazed. He simply asks that they send as many Warships as possible to Egghead. One Piece Chapter 1,070 END!! There’s no way they……… they NEED the tech on this island. They wouldn’t have ordered…….. WOULD THEY? 


…………….. I have some thoughts about Luffy vs Lucci 2. It’s like; I KNEW this time would be different- no WAYU was Luffy gonna have to go ALL IN on Lucci like he did with that last Jet gatling. But I also didn’t think the victory would come………. so……… quickly. I think it mostly comes down to the inclusion of Gear 5th into the fight. I didn’t expect to see Luffy use this power again so soon, ya know? For me; I kind of wanted it to remain……… “Special-” something that he can’t just USE willy nilly; something that he’d save for the BIGGEST threats, like Blackbeard or the Admirals. Though I guess we wouldn’t see it as often, now WOULD we

But yeah, like; Luffy Won this fight- no question. I didn’t expect for Luffy to do that, but it makes since. I like that Oda included this fight so early; it really shows how far that Luffy has come. The enemy that gave him one of his TOUGHEST Battles- Isn’t that much of problem anymore. Luffy’s just on a different level now. I can’t say how things would have gone if Luffy hadn’t used Gear 5th, but the way it stands- Lucci doesn’t stand a chance anymore. So I guess the question isWhat will his role be in the rest of the arc? Like; Oda wouldn’t bring back an important character like Lucci just to have him get beaten and do NOTHING ELSE. Maybe we’ll see him face off against Robin at some point? Or more likely Sanji, considering he’s here…………

Green Blood. I guess this means that all of the Seraphim have Paramecia abilities? S-Snake, S-Bear, S-Flamingo, S-Gecko, S-Clown- Obvi. S-Shark has already shown his. S-Crocodile may have a Logia; Vegapunk only said that Logia’s were “trickier-” he never said he couldn’t. Thus leaving S-Hawk, Weevil’s clone, Law’s clone, and give-or-take S-Crocodile. Yeah, I just kind of lumped in the others who were added over the course of the story. I feel like one of the FIRST things that New Warlords do is give samples of their blood over to Vegapunk to do……… well, sh!t like THIS, I guess. Seraphim Blackbeard, anyone? But of the Paramecia candidates we know they’d have access to………….. This is a LONG story, folks. Don’t expect me to know EVERY SINGLE PARAMECIA DEVIL FRUIT the World Government would have access to. Who’s to say the other Seraphim we haven’t seen yet don’t have Never-Before-Seen fruit powers? 

The Seraphim just open a lot of doors for the series. Character interaction, Devil fruits science, interesting abilities for old characters, and so, SO much more. Who’s to say that swapping out their blood won’t give the Seraphim different abilities? They could have a swiss-army knife Devil fruit supply at their backs, we don’t know yet!! Over the course of writing this post, I’ve been thinking about how all of this new information- between the Light Pressure Gloves and now with the Green blood- how all of this applies to Franky. 

QuestionDo you think the Seraphim can swim? They don’t have the actual Devil fruit power- just a BETTER copy than what Caesar was able to do. Vegapunk might have been able to extract the trait that gives the fruit user’s their powers, but managed to avoid the inherent weakness to the sea. As such; Franky COULD modify himself to be compatible with Green blood, allowing him to use a Paramecia ability without losing the ability to swim!! That, plus the Light Pressure gloves to let him fight Kizaru and the potential to use Haki- Franky could be getting a LOT stronger Re~al soon. Ah man, what ability would he have? Maybe Senior Pink’s ability, too, just because of their relationship? Or maybe something that would fit with his “Machine” motif? Oh boy….

But to get back to what Vegapunk said; I imagine that Zoan’s would be the easiest to replicate. Paramecia’s just need the original users blood to make a copy. LOGIA’S however- that’s another story, yeah? With Zoan’s, you can just get animal blood, do what you do to make these sh!ts, and be done with it. You can find elements like Magma or Lightning or fire out in the world, but…….. How do you “extract” ANYTHING from that? Like- Does that even make since? But he implied that there’s some kind of “trick” to it; something more than just “Lineage Factor.” I’m not entirely sure on this one…………..

Something else in regards to the Seraphim: S-Snake has a personality. She’s a Tsundere. In my mind; the Seraphim had been these…… “Mindless Automatons-” they lacked any sort of “Humanity,” while looking like something that no one should ever want to attack. There were signs, such as S-Hawk’s facial expressions against Blackbeard, or S-Snake’s smile when attacking the Kuja. But really; I didn’t think that was anything more than just Oda wanting to draw something more than a stoic expression. But this chapter shows that they have some semblance of individuality- possibly something like Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji. Vegapunk and Judge were both part of MADs; it’s possible that Vegapunk unknowingly assisted Judge in the development of a drug that strips Human’s of their emotions, yeah? And using that same tech, he created the Seraphim so that they- like the boys and Reju- can’t disobey the orders of the Gorosei and the like, or have emotions or empathy. Perhaps……..

ANOTHER THING ABOUT THE SERAPHIM from Stussy: She said “They’re Still Just Children” as if that means that they can Grow. I think…….. that they might not be done Growing just yet. Who knows, maybe Vegapunk gave them accelerated Growth or something. Or maybe we go by Dragon ball rules and their mechanical enhancements make them age slower. Because I DO think that the Seraphim were organic beings…….. when they came out of the test tube. They were grown using the Lineage Factor of the Warlords and the Lunarian genes he got from King- using a similar procedure to what Judge did to grow Germa Soldiers and modify his children. Maybe some growth acceleration to age them up. And THEN they were made into New Model Pacifista’s! 

But that would mean that they’re aging like Normal people after all of that. What do you think will happen- what they’ll be- when they’re all grown up? Especially that potential Seraphim Kaido they might have waiting in the wings? I’m not giving up on that, or the Lunarian Artificial Devil Fruit idea. Between that and the Seraphim; I’d say that Vegapunk has SINGLEHANDEDLY brought the Lunarians back from extinction. If- as I speculated- that Reju will demand that Caesar find a way to free her from Judge’s control, then maybe she’ll do that for the Seraphim’s out of sympathy. Thus; they’ll be free to………. you know. This could bring back the Lunarian race. 


…………… Okay, the last of that was improvised. I had stopped to sleep, and when I woke up I went to read the other Jump chapters that came out. And from there, I started thinking of what to say about them. But even SO, I’m Loving doing these “One Piece” posts like this. It’s not even just the new way that I do these; I’m also getting to read and review the chapter a day earlier than the rest of them. As a result, I end up having more time to do what I want and talk a little bit “clearer.” It let’s my “Creative Juices” flow better, huh? Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, and until the Next post all- Have A Magically Wonderful day. By~~~e!!! 

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Comments (2) on “Egghead On LOCKDOWN!! One Piece Chapter 1,070 BREAKDOWN”

  1. I liked Kizaru’s reaction to the Straw Hats on Egghead. Last time he saw them together, they got stomped. He’s not phased by them at all. Of course, that’s gonna bite him in the butt given how strong they’ve become, but at least he’s not being too overconfident by ordering more battleships just in case. It’s gonna be quite interesting seeing an admiral KO’d if it happens. We’ve NEVER seen that in the series. When it happens (either this arc or another), it’s gonna have HUGE consequences.

    Can the Seraphim swim? Good question! I’d say…no for now. If they’re using copies of devil fruits, their weakness should’ve been copied as well as their strengths. But that depends on how Oda wants to go with this.

    1. He was here on a “Previous Mission,” yeah? He may have brought the other battleships because the Straw Hat’s have been classified as a Yonko level problem, but…… what was the other reason he was on the way here? Do they need his speed for something- like getting all the tech and equipment off of Egghead before they before they Buster Call it out of existence? There’s no WAY they knew a Yonko would be coming here.
      In my mind; Vegapunk could weed out the parts that make Devil Fruit users weak to the sea- the actually Genetic element preventing them from swimming- and “edit” that part out. Then again- he made a Pink Dragon out of Blue Dragon blood. Still figuring this out, I guess.

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