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WHAT IF Goku Married Suno Redux PART 1

Hello, all. Happy Goku Day, Everyone!! I can’t tell you how many years I thought this was the day that “Dragon Ball” came out. In truth; the series began serialization December 3rd, 1984. Same year- Wrong Day. Been trying to keep that knowledge in mind since I learned it. Um……. crud, I don’t have much to open this post with. Good thing I’m starting this a few weeks ahead of schedule; I pretty much started this after finishing The Owl House review. I said at the end of that I would use one the post idea’s I had as the post to celebrate Goku day this year. This was the one that won out- the others may have come out before or will probably come out after this. I chose this one because…….. Honestly, I probably would have forgotten it all together if I didn’t do it today. 

These “WHAT IF’s” just don’t do it for me anymore; they became……. WORK. It was kind of boring. Then that follower Emailed me out of the blue that they were enjoying this particular series, so……. I’ll continue. At least I know someone’s getting entertainment out of it! Plus, maybe writing it ahead of time like this won’t make it so difficult.to continue with. But I’m kind of dragging my feet with this opening; I don’t have all that much to say. So let’s begin. 

Part 1: Red With Envy

It’s been a few days since Suno decided to set off with Goku on his search for the Dragon Balls. She had accidentally left their supplies behind, so they’re both a little hungry(Goku more than Suno). But after a while of flying, they find themselves in West City at long last. Now, with Suno here; you would think that she’d be here kind of “grounding” Goku so he doesn’t run into as many problems as in the original manga. But she’s never been in a big city either. So, uh…….. They’re pretty much equally oblivious. But Suno is a little bit better than Goku, so- rather than go through a whole bunch of side stuff- she knows that they should ask a Police officer right off the bat.. 

The Officer takes them to Bulma’s house, just as in the original. And she pulls up after skipping school just like before. Goku greets her happily, but Suno…….. That’s another story. She didn’t know what to expect from another female friend of Goku; she wasn’t expecting just “Goku With Lipstick” but also not…….. A Developed Teenage Girl. So seeing how “chummy” Goku was with her- how casual they are- she begins to blush with a tinge of jealousy. While BULMA upon seeing Goku with Suno……………. She’s unsure what to think. On the one hand, she wants to tease Goku for having a Girlfriend at his age, but past experience tells her “He wouldn’t get it and probably isn’t thinking that way- it would probably make me look stupid!” 

So rather than tease Goku for traveling with Suno, she bites her tongue. Though she sees Suno’s face right now, and she’s starting to pick up on it. But she’s got to repair the Dragon ball radar right now, so…….. Another time. 

They enter Capsule Corp and get enamored with the decor; meet her dad; shenanigans; and she fixes the radar. Having a day off school and having “relationship troubles” with Yamcha(not helping Suno’s peace of mind as she begins to think that she’ll turn to Goku for a new relationship), she decides that she wants to go searching for the Dragon Balls with them again. But……… Suno reveals that they’re also at war with the Red Ribbon Army. Bulma pauses for a minute, and thinks initially “There’s No Way,” and then realizes “Oh, right; Goku.” She begins to tell them the TRUE power of the Red Ribbon Army, but Goku tells her that’s all the more reason to keep the Dragon Balls away from him. He also adds that he’s not out to fight them directly; he just wants to find his Grandpa Gohan’s 4 star ball. And if he can manage to keep said ball out of the army’s possession, then they’ll never get all 7- he’ll be able to keep them from getting the last one. Bulma relents, knowing that it’s pointless to try and talk Goku out of a fight. But she then warns that Goku has to be aware that he’s traveling with Suno- someone who’s not as strong as he is. 

Suno gets a little flustered, saying “I’m Tougher Than I Look!!,” but Bulma still says that Goku can’t be as reckless as usual; he needs to protect Suno. Goku ponders what she’s talking about, but believes that he’ll be able to protect Suno just as he did Bulma. Bulma tells him to do BETTER than that. 

Seeing as she doesn’t want to die, she decides not to go, and gives Goku and Suno something that she believes will be of use to them: The Shrinking Watch- a watch that will let Suno Shrink and hide when it’s time for Goku to fight. It feels like this is just to keep things sort of the same, but there’s more of a point to it. I promise. But yeah, now it’s time for the adventure to continue. Also the Red Ribbon Army has Goku’s face now; Suno just started helping Goku out, so they don’t know about her yet. But they’ve sent his face out to their top staff- particularly General Blue. So there’s that. 


I think that’s a good place to stop. I do have a plan for that device and Suno, but at the rate this series will come out- that’s a ways down the pipeline. I should probably make these in bulk; just make them while I have the time and post them at random whenever I can. I’m not doing anything at the time of me writing this(Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023, 3:59 pm); I could probably make the next 2 parts in the next few days and post them at some point after this. Don’t…….. Don’t hold me to that. 

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Sorry this is progressing so slowly, but the next part should be packed with a few surprises. Until then!!

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