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Hermit vs Killer! Edens Zero Chapter 195 BREAKDOWN

I can’t even be my usual self with her.

You know? I had come into the week expecting to excited to write this review. And after reading the chapter- all things considered- didn’t think I would. I had to help my grandmother with groceries, and that was an hour or so. It’s like 4:30 Tuesday when I’m writing this; just got finished with the chapter………… ‘Twas Fine. But it didn’t “blow my mind” like last week’s. I’ll still do it, though. But don’t expect me to drag on the Analysis for too long.

In any case; you see the title. I didn’t use the “1001 Ways” thing this time; it’s a very basic, easy to understand chapter. So let’s stop talking around the chapter and get to talking about it!! Edens Zero Chapter 195: “Fictitious Story.” Let’s begin.


Picking up quite literally where the last chapter left off: Hermit activates her new Overdrive to combat her counterpart- The Dark Star Killer. The battle begins, and it becomes PAINFULLY clear that Hermit is too much for the Brain of Edens to handle. Sister- not being one to shy away from a rumble- looks for her opponent. But Clown is no where to be found. She goes around looking for him, and eventually comes across him in the Edens Spa. He invites her in(that’s telling), but Sister basically tells him to f*ck off. Then he pollutes the water and gives her a creepy monologue and look:

Water is “Life,” But In MY Hands- It Turns To Poison. I Am The Death Of Edens, And I Grant You An Inescapable Demise.

Clown- The Death Of Edens

We then cut over to Shiki, who manages to find Happy and Pino. But Killer left him little surprise: Giant Robot Centipede. He’s done his homework. I guess even after 3 years of levelling up; he’s still got a fear of bugs, ’cause he stalls on SIGHT!! Thankfully; Weisz enters the frey and destrys the Centipede. He apologizes for letting himself get tricked by Killer’s ruse, and they discuss how to get out of the Sub Dimension. Weisz has a plan for that.

We then cut back to see his girlfri-HERMIT continuing to kick the sh!t out of Killer. The assassin struggles on the backfoot, and ends up getting bombarded with bullet after bullet- only to revea that this is an illusion. With Hermit distracted combatting air; he moves in behind her(PAUSE), and uses his tail to infect her with a virus(PAUSE- Again). Then she flips the script on him by revealing that HE was the one in the illusion!!! She even mocks his dialogue word for word.

Just a regular @$$ punch- STILL HYPE, THOUGH.

As he fades from consciousness; Killer asks Hermit how she was able to see through the illusion. She explains that she was able to extract all his information from analyzing his fight with Weisz. And then she belittles her counterpart for thinking that he would win in a Programming battle. Thus; Edens Zero Chapter 195 comes to Triumphant END!! Alright, I had to look that one up. Not proud of that. But it happened.


What do I say? Where do I even start? This chapter was…………. Fine. It didn’t necessarily “blow my mind” like last week did, but it also didn’t put me to sleep. I think it was the initial shock of Overdrive not being an Ether Gear exclusive ability; it was a real “OH SH!T” moment for me, even though it made logical sense. I think one of the problems I had in regards to it is that I was thinking of it specifically in terms of combat. Like; it’s this stories equivalent of Super Saiyan– I only saw it as a power up, and not as………….. what it seems to be. Still don’t know what that is, though. In any case; THE CHAPTER. Hm……………. Weisz’ Plan? Sure; let’s see if I can jury rigg something together………………..


Since we saw him do it in chapter 192; we know that he can mess with Killer’s Sub-Dimension Program- he remodeled the wall n’ sh!t before Killer changed it to a dimension that “lacked” technology. And we know that these are LEGITIMATELY alternate spaces from what Brigadine said in chapter 186. But it was still made of technology-ala chapter 192. Killer removed machines from the sub-dimension Weisz was in. But he never tried touching the ground; he went straight for the Arsenal armor. What if he had, though? He was able to remodel it to blow up in his face(PAUSE). MeaningHe CAN Remodel This Dimension.

Now; what will he do with the Sub Dimension? Just escape, or is he gonna try to f*ck with Killer a little? It wouldn’t be out of character for him to do both. I kept trying to think of a way to explain that they were still on Lendard, and tie that into how Weisz plans to escape the Su Dimension, but………………… THESE ARE STILL OTHER DIMENSIONS. Like; these are still other plans of existence- there still on Lendard, but also not. Could ya tell I wanted to be a scientist growing up? In any case; I think that Weis might go as far as using his Ether gear to reprogram and remodel the Dimension- which might help him save Rebecca in the process.

………………….. Clown and Sister? I mean; they both have this……….. sadistic side to them. But whereas Sister’s is innocent- really more “Playful” than anything- Clown’s a straight up murderer. At least Sister will let you use a safe word!! It makes me wonder what will see when Shiki looks into their memories. Hopefully it won’t leave him mentally scarred…………….

Hopefully it has nothing to do with a bath tub………….

It was cool to see Hermit hopping around the battle field, and even cooler to see her one up Killer like that. It helps me get a better feel for what this War is supposed to be. It is not itself a “War Arc,” but is more like the equivalent to Fishman Island in One Piece; the post time skip arc where the main cast shows off how much stronger they are. And yeah; Rebecca and Weisz lost, Homura is struggling, and Elsie lost to Ziggy- but Shiki isn’t down and out. We haven’t focused a lot on Homura. Rebecca actually made Clown get so serious that he used his Battle Dress. Weisz was even winning before Killer pulled the Mom card. They’re stronger- and the Dark Stars know it.

I guess it might bring up the issue of how the Dark star’s are looking: They haven’t proven to be any kind of a threat. Like; they’re all getting beaten, and Ziggy doesn’t seem to be doing much of anything about it. Speaking of; Acnoella doesn’t seem to think of him as any sort of threat- which could indicate that Ziggy isn’t as powerful as we once believed him to be. I’ve always felt that this arc was a bit too early on for it to say anything about Ziggy’s forces. So now; I’m just left wondering how Ziggy’s gonna win this. Or heck; even make it out of this situation. So many Oracion Seis members- Galactica and Interstelar alike- are there. Like………….. I’m having a hard time grasping the situation- even knowing what this arc is.

She’s Probably The Most Dangerous Character Present, If We’re To Be Honest


But, Yeah, guys; that was the chapter! Didn’t, uh………. didn’t “Love” it, but I didn’t hate it. It was a “Pay off” to something cool, but I don’t think it lived up to the hype I had after last week. Maybe that’s my own fault. I just……………. I haven’t really been “Into” this arc, as I’m sure you can tell. I feel like it’s weirdly placed and doesn’t really have the direction that Foresta or even the Aoi War or Belial Goer arcs did. Hopefully Mashima can change my mind, but I’m not gonna keep my hopes too high anymore.

And sorry this post is so late; the internet where I am went on its whole “Working ‘Til Its Not” thing again. That and work; you know how it is. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, and until the next post- Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~~~~e!!!!

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