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BIG FIST ENERGY! One Piece Chapter 1,047 BREAKDOWN

You like what I did there? I was just thinking of that NEW CHAPTER OF BLACK CLOVER THAT YOU SHOULD MOST DEFINITELY BE READING, and that led me to think of……… just go read the chapter and you’ll start to get it. Hopefully I’ll be able to do my review for it sooner rather than later. Although……..

Look; let’s just focus on “One Piece!!” The battle between the Emperor Of The Sea Kaido and Would-Be King Of The Pirates Luffy is reaching it’s Ultimate Conclusion. Luffy is holding nothing back in bringing Kaido’s reign over the Country of Wano to an end. But there are a number of problems to contend with. But this Luffy we’re talking aboutit’ll all turn out well in the end. But the Ramifications of Luffy’s actions will reverberate through the world. Also Orochi. One Piece Chapter 1,047: “The Sky Over The Capital.” Let’s begin.


Picking up where the last chapter left off: Yamato confirms that Kaido’s own Flame Clouds were beginning to disappear as he lost more and more strength. So it’s up to Momonosuke to make more Flame Clouds to keep it from falling on the Capital- abandoning his earlier plan to simply stop the island from moving and let Kaido’s original clouds stabilize it. Problem: He doesn’t believe that he can do it. And thus; he is unable to make any more clouds.

He begins to think about the day that Oden Castle burned down- the last time the he saw his Mother and sister. Toki is prepared to send Momo into the future with Kin’emon and the others, but the boy is unwilling to leave without his mother. Kin gives him a speech about how he’s “no longer just a boy” following Oden’s death. Hearing about his new position in the world; Momo decides to go with his Vassals to the future. Remembering this moment fills the boy with new resolve, and he tries to stop the island once again.

Let’s See How Ridiculous This Story Can Get!!!

Back in the battle; Luffy tosses a Thunderbolt at Kaido(Do I even have to explain at this point?), but Kaido dodges and knocks Luffy away. He latches onto another Thunderbolt and slings himself back at Kaido. The King Of Beast tells Luffy that it’s not a “Strong Devil Fruit” that allows one to conquer the Seas, but Hakias Roger once proved. Kaido knocks Luffy to the ground, but Rubber boy just turns it to rubber and he bounces back up. So Kaido uses “Death Destroyer Thunder Bagua(Reference to “Daitoku Myoo(AKA: “Yamataka”);” one of the Wisdom Kings of Buddhism. He’s known for besting The God Of Death, Enma).

As Luffy ascends to the sky, he holds onto Kaido. When it becomes apparent that he can’t break free; Kaido goes full Dragon and unleashes “Dragon Twister: Demolition Gust,” reconfirming that he’s still week to slashing attacks.

Back down below; the residents of the Flower Capital release the Lanterns into the sky, signifying that the Festivities are about to end(Double meaning). Everyone present chants there hopes- one of which even wishing to make it to next year to have this much fun.


Back on Onigashima; the Alliance is willing to accept their fate if it means Luffy’s defeated Kaido. So long as their families are safe; what’s Plummeting to your death mean? Several shots jumping around from Usopp and Hamlet getting washed away to Luffy surviving Kaido’s attacks ends with Orochi managing to get the Sea Stone Nail out, allowing him to become a Yamato No Orochi once again. Still in the midst of Burning Alive; he prepares to take Hiyori with him.

Back to the top of the Skull Dome for the final part of the chapter; Luffy calls out to Momonosuke to move the island. Because it’s in the way of his GIGANTIC FIST– he’s going to bring down Kaido with a Haki imbued GIANT FIST, and that Island can’t be there when it comes down!! Kaido can’t even believe what he’s seeing, as One Piece Chapter 1,047 comes to a Ridiculous END!!! Like I Said: Big Fist Energy. I think the Magazine is on break for Golden Week.

Well……….. D@mn.


As this is more or less a “Battle” chapter; there isn’t really much for me to say about it. You have more Momonosuke’s struggle with confidence, Orochi’s continued survival, and Kaido’s statement about Haki. Which is very telling to how strong Roger was- and how much further Luffy has to go with his Haki. You could see it as Luffy pushing his Devil Fruit power to its max until it finally Awakened, and now he’s got to do the same thing with his Haki.

There is a long standing theory(that may or may not have been confirmed in a Data Book; I’m not sure) that the “Voice Of All Things” is a EXTREMELY high level of Observation haki- something only a few people in the world and the 3-Eyed Tribe are able to use it- Luffy, Roger, Momonosuke, and Oden had thus far shown the ability. I would believe that it is; I don’t see why it can’t be. And it just seems to make sense with the way the story is set up- everything having an explanation that connects back to something already set up in the story(“Mantra” in Skypiea).

And they pretty much do the same thing of allowing one to “sense the presence, strength, and emotions of others” is the same as the “Voice Of All Things” being “messages conveyed by inanimate objects and animals that do not speak the human language.” Going by this logic; it’s not like it’s impossible for this theory to be the case.


Chapter 647

But what of the other 2 forms of Haki? If I were to say how these “levels” of Haki were to pan out:

  • Observation Haki- Future Sight Observation- “Voice Of All Things.”
  • Armament Haki- Ryuo- “? Of All Things.”
  • Conqueror’s Haki- “Conqueror’s Coating-” “? Of All Thing.”

Some people use Zoro’s fight against Daz Bones(Mr 1) as an example of “The Breath Of All Things,” which the Sub Reddit describes as “a state whereby one experience the sensation and feeling of being at boundary between life and death. Should one be able to enter into this state, it makes it possible for one to convey their will into their blade enhancing their swordsmanship.” In chapter 195; Zoro described the sensation of “breathing” from the environment around him- everything from the rocks to the trees to the very ground beneath him.

Now think about the explanation of Ryuo: “Letting the power flow out from a part of their body and unleash a small invisible  burst which will knock back anything in their body part’s immediate vicinity with the force of a very powerful punch. Thus, the user becomes capable of striking and harming people and objects without making physical contact with them.” If all things have a “voice” that Observation users can pick up, then they would have a “breath,” wouldn’t they? Perhaps the “Highest State Of Armament” is something that would allow you to…….. “constantly immit” Ryuo? Like a Force Field?

Which would just leave Conqueror’s Haki. Okay, let’s be real, guys; this is kind of just a “flex” for the person who uses it, and a narrative tool that’s used to either knock out all the Grunts so you can get to the Main Guys sooner, or at least limit the number of Grunts. It’s not really all that useful- or at least it wasn’t until the fan-dubbed “Conqueror’s Coating” was introduced in chapter 1010. My brother, Ajay, has a probably with the concept in that it’s kind of just a replication of Armament haki. And- it is. But I also think it might be a fair bit tougher and much more practical than Armament. Just look at Big Mom; she was using it the whole time until Mother Caramel’s picture got smashed!!

So………. what could be beyond that? I think it was Joy Boy Theories on Youtube who told me about this idea first, and said it would be “Immunity To All Things-” to represent the “Indominable King” that goes along with the “will” aspect of Haki. “You’re Only As Tough As Your Will” was the thought process. And clearly; he was right in that that would be an advanced form of Conqueror’s. Just not “The Apex” ability. Of course; there are those who think the secret World King Imu has that ability, which is “Command Over All Things-” the ability to make everyone with weaker will’s than yours follow your commands. Luffy has no use for that.

And it’s not like he has to get it. As important as the Gorosei are; Luffy, nor the Straw Hat’s, have ever met them. I’m kind of debating on anyone on that crew but Robin even knowing that they exist. It’s not like Luffy has to meet them until the Final Battle of the story to know that he needs to take them down. So it’s not like he needs to get every power up in the story. Even though he most likely will.


………….. That went more into the “speculative” side of things. But this chapter didn’t have a lot for me to dissect and talk about, so…….it all works out. Though that’s not to say that this was a “Bad” chapter; it was pretty good! I like the reinforcement of Haki’s importance in the New World; you can’t just “walk in” to the New World with your d@mn God Fruit and think you’re going to take out these big names- you need the “will” to match them! And train for years or over the course of 1 battle with them to make your body match THAT.

But, that’s all I got for the lot of ya today, boys and girls. Let me know your own thoughts on the chapter, or anything I said here. Until the next post, everyone; Have a Magically Wonderful Rest of Your day! Laters!!

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