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Explosion Fiend Guila! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 71 BREAKDOWN

The Dynamic Duo- Together Again!!

This title is a reference to both Chainsaw Man and a review I did for Black Clover. Anytime I can mention those 2 in the same breath makes me happy. But the Chainsaw Man reference……… well; we’ll get to that in a little bit. For now; I want to tell you that THIS IS SUPER COOL!!! Guila displays a power that I thought she had lost if I’m to be honest- and on the same week that my copy of Volume 1 of the series and Omnibus 2 of Seven Deadly Sins arrive!!

Guila’s new powers are put to the test against her Sister-In-Arms in Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 71: “A Friend’s Transformation!” I could continue to harp on the “Fire And Ice” duality, but that already feels played out. Let’s begin………….


Picking up where last week left off: The Knight with the Star Visor is revealed to be none other than Jericho- a former Holy Knight of Liones and Lancelot’s Teacher! She admits that she always sort of knew that Lance was probably one of those “Prophesized Knights,” but it’s still a little much to take in for her………… But then she starts fighting again, and manages to take Guila’s Rapier. Though she’s left unable to pierce her armor(remarking that it may well be a present from her younger brother).

Hit The Nail On The Head.

She ends up trying to stall to come up with a plan, and asks what happened in the last few years. Backstory: 10 years ago; Jericho quite the Holy knights to become a Knight of the Fairy King’s Forest- under King Ban and Queen Elaine. Not knowing the events of this special side chapter; she asks if something happened regarding Lance. That got her, so she tries to end the fight quickly- separating her from Jade and Chion with a wall of ice. But she doesn’t want to kill a “Sister-In-Arms,” so she tries to walk away. But Guila’s the Vice Holy Knight now; she can’t just “walk away.” So she freezes Guila solid and goes about her mission….

Or so she THOUGHT. A black flame is summoned, and Guila is freed. Back in the day– during the era of the “Seven Deadly Sins;” Liones conducted an experiment to create stronger Holy Knights dubbed “The New Generation.” They would give Apprentice Holy Knights samples of Demon Clan Blood, giving them power beyond belief(if they were compatible, as Twigo demonstrated). Guila and Jericho took too much, and they mutated into monsters. Ban removed the hearts to turn them back to normal, and they ended up losing the “Demon Factor.” But Not Guila.

In her case; Gowther of the Seven Deadly Sins was able to help her suppress that power until she was able to control it. And Thus:

Guila The Explosion Fiend!!

And now; she can unleash the Demon Power at will. Though she’s not gained TOTAL control of this power yet, so she warns Jericho that she may lose 1 or 2 limbs. She lunges at Jericho and knocks the Rapier out of her hands. But Jade notices something………… dire. The Black Flames of the Demon Clan- the flames that were supposed to be “inextinguishable-” are turning to ice on the ground. Jericho’s ice is now strong enough to freeze the flames of the Demon clan- and Guila along with them!!

Because she knows Guila; she knows that this won’t hold her forever. And she really needs to be going for some reason. As suchshe plans to kill her Sister-In-Arms here and now. And then…….. she senses a presence she hadn’t in a long time- one she hoped she wouldn’t end up meeting here: Lancelot has come to the dungeon. Jericho asks why he’s come, to which the boy replies that they’re “family.” Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 71 END!! Time to see what you can do, Fairy Prince Lancelot.

Origin Story Inbound


The Big thing from this chapter, I feel, is that Guila still has Demon clan blood present in her. But as Jericho said; that blood is no longer present in any of the other former members of the New Generation experiment. So don’t expect to see it from Hendrickson or Jericho……….. maybe from Jericho. Though I wouldn’t hold my breath on that subject; Camelot seems to be big on “Human First.” He says when he’s still geeking out about Galland and Melascula. WHATEVER THE CASE MAY BE; the point is that this is going to be something unique to Guila.

I dubbed her “Explosion Fiend” as a reference to Chainsaw Man; “Fiends” are Humans possessed by Devils in that series. Guila’s a little different in that regard, but so are Demons and Devils for both series. So it counts!! That said, there wasn’t really much going on in this chapter. Other than the build up of something happening between Lance and Jericho in the time they were away.

Alright, something definitely happened here.

Like I said last week: She may have learned something that swayed her to Arthur’s side. And it looks like it’s something to do with Lance and the Knights prophecy- the part about them destroying the world. Could not tell you what it was, but it’s clear that Lance is supposed to do something that’s all the more egregious than the other 3. And that’s not even just my speculation; that’s something from Arthurian Legend. His relationship with Guinevere lead him to betray King Arthur, setting in motion several events that would ruin Camelot forever. Suzuki sensei is good at setting up these elements in the previous series.

Looking at that link gave me a rough idea of how this story will go- with Lancelot as one of the focal points of the story:

  1. He’s the son of King Ban Of Benwick(The Other Name Of The Fairy King’s Forest)
  2. He was taken by some mysterious force, corresponding to this “Lady of The Lake” in the Legends. He is already the “Prince Of The Lake.”
  3. Lancelot was present to King Arthur by the Lady Of The Lake to join Arthur’s court. He may betray Liones at the behest of the woman who raised him- the “Princess/Lady” of the Lake.
  4. Lance takes Guinevere from Arthur
  5. His love for Guinevere was such that he resisted the charms of a maiden called Elaine of Astolat, who died of love for him. He’s going to end up killing his own mother, huh?

The Real Main Character!!

There’s more, but you get the point. Percival ended up being the main character, but this is Lance’s story! All that being said; I think the situation will end up somewhat different from the lore. And that has a lot to do with Percival. I think what Suzuki sensei is trying to convey is the idea of this being Lance and Guin’s “Holy War-” that they’re the new Meliodas and Elizabeth, who are willing to go to war with the Gods, their people, family, and the world itself if it means that they could be together.

But another relationship that’s integral to this series: Ban and Meliodas’ friendship. And I think that the equivalent to that will be Lance and Percy. They even look the same. And I think that in this instance; Percy will end up helping Lance be with Guin by the end of it. Something poetic like that. I know that was a little “scattered,” but I think that’s how this story will play out.


…………….. Not really much to talk about with this chapter. So why did this end up taking so long? Work schedule. As well as looking after my Grandmother’s house while she was away. Kind of sucks that my boss would give me more days right as she went on vacation and I was basically left in charge. But I can’t complain; she deserves to rest, considering all she did. It just sucks that it all happened at once, man.

I also just wanted to talk about this chapter because I wasn’t expecting Guila to have these powers. I don’t know how important she’ll be to the story, but this was a cool way of keeping her in the same realm of power as the main cast. Can’t wait to see how far they progress passed her. Suzuki’s good at keeping even weak characters relevant to the story, so she might not end up being “useless,” which is good for her character.

So Cool

Welp; I managed to finish this! And all before Black Clover makes its triumphant return to my screen!! Though I don’t how soon I’ll be able to talk about it depends on how fast I get through my schedule and the likes. Oh well; so long as I can still blog! That’s all I got for the lot of ya today, my duckies- Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~~~e!!!!

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