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The Beginning Of The End! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 61 BREAKDOWN

They want this to happen- So Very Much.

Anime Confirmed. Sorry I’m not as “Enthused” as I should be; I’m still remembering the final 2 seasons of Seven Deadly Sins, the look of the movie, AND The Movies that are coming out. I know that animation is a difficult thing to do, and the conditions are not the “Best.” But That SUCKED. Those last 2 season were awful, and that Movie did NOT deliver for me. So I hope that it changes studios(making its 3rd Studio change following the Jump from A1 Pictures to Studio Dean)- I just want this franchise to reach New heights!!

Other than that………. News; THIS CHAPTER WAS HY~PE. Just look at that cover page- Suzuki Sensei knows what he’s doing. He SO wants to draw that fight- WE want to see that fight- And the Exec’s and Higher ups at Kodansha know it. It may trample on(SPOILER ALERT) Escanor’s death at the end of the original series, but……It’s gonna be SO FR@KIN’ EPIC. Especially with what happens in THIS chapter. But I’m taking too long on a limited time, so let’s get into it! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 61: “The Fourth Arrives.” And what an Entrance it is……..


That’s A Dude.

The chapter starts where the previous left off: Gawain- The 4th and Final “Knight Of The Apocalypse-” arrives to…….. “comfort” Isolde. But a Knight of Chaos- the Black Knight Pellegarde– comes to Liones in search of Percival. The resulting fight ends up creating a lot of fire- which Gawain proceeds to stop from hitting them. While at the castle; Meliodas and some Knights look at the battle from a far.

As Pellegarde continues to exude his Magic Force; Percival recites the same words that his grandfather would always say when he was drunk:

You Must Crush Evil, Rescue The Weak, And Be Someone Who Risks Their Life For What’s Important To Them.


He draws his sword, and activate his magic- using it to protect everyone from the explosion. Percival says that he has no ill feelings or anything towards Pellegarde, but he’s still an enemy working for King Arthur. He runs towards him with his sword Enchanted, but the Black Knight creates a GIANT Fireball and sends it towards Percival. The boy slices it in half, but his “Immortal Fire” just disperses and starts to encompass him.

Fireball Hurricane!!

Percival slashes at it more, but it just makes more flames!! So he- being a child- comes up with the idea to trap the flames in a giant Magic Bubble!! So Pellegarde uses “Brilliant Hellfire” to turn up the heat and makes the bubble explode. Through this action; the boy realizes that he’s still not strong enough to defeat the Black Knight. He commends Percival for realizing that, as it shows that he’s grown since they last met.

As he is about to cement his victory; Gawain arrives, and dispels the flames! Pellegarde asks if it was her that did it, but he(Gawain) responds that Pellegarde “messed up the lovely atmosphere” he had going with Isolde. Pellegarde then tries to roast Gawain for calling him a “Sniveling Little Fire Eater,” but the “Master Of The Sun” uses his/her/their Golden Magic to snuff out Pellegarde’s flames all over again. Seeing the magic; Percival immediately asks if he’s the guy they’ve been looking for.

Tristan arrives on the scene, and asks Gawain why he/she/they didn’t stay at the castle like he said. Gawain responds that they’re “not good at taking orders.” The banter is interrupted when Pellegarde gets back up with a fury. Tristan turns his attention towards the invader- activating his other eye; one consumed by Darkness. And when Lancelot comes as Sin- only to reveal himself- it all comes together for Pellgarde:

  1. An Enigmatic Shapeshifter
  2. A Boy with Green, wing-like hair
  3. A boy with eyes of Holiness and Evil
  4. A man/woman with Golden Magic

They’re Here, boys and girls. The Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Are Together Here And Now. And something tells me that Pellegarde won’t be for much longer. Thus; Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 61 comes to a Exemplary END!! I’m having to google these words now. I don’t even know what they’re called…….

From Left To Right: War, Death, Pestilence, And Famine- The Four Knights Of The Apocalypse.


So………… GAWAIN. Yamato(One Piece) all over again? Maybe. Gowther’s modelled after a woman- acts like one often enough- dresses like one- but CLEARLY has “IT” down there. Gawain, however, might be more like Yamato in that they Identify as a guy, which might be why Bartra’s prophecy about them said that they’d “all be young men.” So, for the sake of it- we’ll say “he.” We also know that they’re all 16 years of age(I feel like Lance might be older by a month or 2), and- from the way they’re standing in the line up- we get a good idea of their personalities:

  • Percival and Tristan are more “Righteous” than the other, while also being the “Goofy, Innocent, Kind” moral centers. Unwilling to kill; Tristan “just because” and Percival because he knows the pain of loss.
  • Lance is a bit of a thug- Tough but Kind with a tragic backstory that made him this way. And not afraid of blood. The “Cool” Type.
  • Gawain is confident to the point of being cocky– sure of himself and thinks that he can do anything because of his power. Strictly speaking: He’s Escanor 2.0. But there’s more than likely a reason for that, which ties into why he identifies as a male.

As for Gawain’s MagicI’ve no idea. Golden………. “Master Of The Sun………” Confident………….Tall……. Oh, Wait: ESCANOR!!

Gawain was said by Tristan to be a “blood relative” of Arthur, so he may be able to use some of the “Power Of Chaos-” the power to “reshape reality.” And how that ties into Escanor is through the Supreme Deities “Grace:” “Sunshine.” Bestowed upon Mael of the Four Archangels- the strongest of the 4- this Grace allowed him the ability to draw on the power of the sun for strength. After an incident I won’t spoil for you in case you haven’t read the manga(“You don’t need to have read the original series to enjoy this one” or so the marketing materials will tell you), but I’ll say that Escanor came to hold the Grace as his main ability- at the cost of his……….

Now; does Gawain have “Sunshine?” If so, then how? Mael only let Escanor borrow it on the last one; it should have gone back to him when all was said and done. So…… Did something Happen to Mael in the last 16 years? I don’t know, but if he has “Sunshine,” then he is more than likely the strongest of the 4 Knights- if not the Strongest character present in the story. I really liked Escanor- one of my favorite characters in the franchise. So seeing someone with so many similarities to him is putting a smile on my face. I just hope Suzuki sensei can deliver a character arc as good as that!

That’s sure to change– sooner or later………


Aaaaahhhh…………. The Knights are gonna fight that Sins, aren’t they? Suzuki Sensei probably wants to draw that; his editors and the Higher Ups at Kodansha and Netflix want that because MONEY; and the fans are probably DYING to see the introduction of power levels so that we can compare and debate on who would win in these hypotheticals. And the match ups: 4-on-7- not the best numbers to see who fights who. But I may be able to think of 3 off the top of my head. And I would love to tell you all about it, but we’re out of time!

That’s all I got for the lot of ya, today, my duckies. Until the next posts, ladies and gents; Have a Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~~~~E!!!!

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Comments (2) on “The Beginning Of The End! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 61 BREAKDOWN”

  1. I can’t wait for that fight too but I feel like they should just keep Escanor dead to balance it out a bit. Personally as impressive as the apocalypse knights are, I feel like they’d get stomped in a proper 7 vs 4 fight. Now if the roster ends up being the 4 Knights of the Apocalypse vs Meliodas, Ban, King, and Diana then it would be a lot more interesting. I could see Merlin staying out of it while she’s on Arthur’s side and maybe Gowther would still be busy.

    As for why they fight, I could totally see Meliodas and the group deciding they’re too dangerous or the apocalypse knights being framed. It’s been a long road but I feel like we’re finally about to get to the first real big saga of the series so I’m definitely ready for that!

    1. We ARE reaching the point where the arcs become longer- the pattern starts of the series changes and the storylines become a little more “intricate.”
      I agree: Escanor should stay dead. I can’t see any way or reason that he would come back- unless Arthur’s gone COMPLETELY off the Deep End and revives him to screw with everyone.
      Meliodas, Ban, and King- YES. As for the other for a 4v4………Huh; I guess Diane WOULD BE the best choice. I wonder how strong they’ve all gotten?

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