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Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 126 SHORT REVIEW

Welp, the anime is out now. Few episodes deep at the time of me writing this(Tuesday, October 24th, 2023, 6:28 pm), and early reactions are: Mixed, from what I’m seeing. Not in terms of Animation, from what I’ve heard, but more for HOW it’s adapting the source material- where the episodes are ending and things like that. And while I can see how something like that would be a probably for someone(like myself) who’s been reading the series since it began– I cannot say that I’m too worried about that. Although with the way they’re adapting it, they’re going to stop just short of the…………. The INTENSE stuff that happened in Liones. And that CAN suck the life out of you when dealing with Season Netflix shows. But I’m still looking forward to the series when the dub comes out!!

Now………… There’s only thing going on in this chapter- at least, that’s worth discussing. The rest is just wrapping up what’s going Rosebank and the other Chaos Knights. But still, it’s even………….. less than usual, I can’t think of anything else to talk about with this one that doesn’t pertain to Percival vs Mortlach. And the fact that I have to get to work on another review- means I’m not gonna try and look. Sucks to say, but true. It’s a good chapter, mind you- Just not a lot going on. So let’s stop stalling and get to it already. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 126: “Prayer.” I think this is supposed to be “Player,” but I don’t know Japanese, so- who am I to argue with the official translationsLet’s begin. 

Percival vs Mortlach Conclusion

They never say whether or not the “amp” Percy gave Percival is a permanent thing, or something that could only be done with his Magic at his “highest” like that. Though I’m not sure that it actually MATTERS- the point of “stimulating” him like that was more-or-less meant to get his body used to fighting at that level naturally. I guess something like what Goku did in Dragon Ball Z Movie 14- Battle Of Gods: Goku’s body learned to fight at the Godly level even after losing Super Saiyan God itself. he might just be able to fight like that now. And that level is one beyond what Mortlach is capable of right now. But as he saysStill Far Below Lancelot. WOW. On top of giving you a scale for Lance’s power in Hand-To-Hand combat, we also now know where to scale Ironside and Mortlach: Both of them below Lance. And Percival now, too.

He didn’t kill Mortlach, obviously. But he can. And thus he CAN defeat Ironside especially if he can tap into the full potential of “Hope” like this again. So now it’s just a matter of “When Will They Meet?” And of course: What will become of Diodra by the end of it? Guin told us he would “Die In His Beloved Son’s Arms- Weeping And Frothing With Blood.” Something like that would put a strain on these brother’s who’ve never met, and probably mess Percival up beyond………… any sort of proper “repair.” But that’s just one of those things to look forwards to- in the future………..


That is LITERALLY everything I wanted to say in regards to this chapter. Like, I HAD something else to mention with Diodra, but it was a spin off of that point and would have made the post longer. And like I said: We’re not doin’ all that right now. In short: Since Camelot has the ability to “Make Dreams Reality,” I speculate that Diodra might become a Chaos Knight and seek revenge on Percival for their father’s death. And then that’s like the rest of the series. Because as it stand; I’m not entirely sure where the series is going. I don’t think on any level that Suzuki Sensei wants to make a series as long as the original “Seven Deadly Sins” again. So he’s “getting to the point” a little bit sooner than he did back then. Is that why the Door to Camelot is here and now? Or is he about to pull the rug out from under the kids and close the door? Who knows. I just know that they just proved their able to take some Chaos Knights down and lose nothing. 

This conclusion is going on a little bit longer than I had anticipated. I guess I had a little more to say than I had thought.  Ah, well; least I finished quickly enough. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, folks. That’s all I got for the lot of ya today. And until the next post, everybody; Stay Safe- Stay Healthy- And Have A Wonderful Rest Of Your Days. Laters!!

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