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Lancelot’s Bad Day. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 58 BREAKDOWN

I don’t think I’ve gotten to talk about this series much since I started reviewing it. Kind of weird, ain’t it? I really enjoy this franchise, too; it’s kind of difficult to describe, but it kind of reminds me of Dragon Ball in a sense. The fight scenes; Percival’s origin story and character are kind of reminiscent of Goku; amongst other things like power levels. But this main cast doesn’t know about that yet. Some of them like Lancelot might, but not Percival’s group. This has nothing to do with the chapter, by the way. I just wanted to talk about why I like the series.

Let’s just get on with the chapter, shall we? Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 58: “Creeping Omens.”

……………Is that supposed to be Tristan?(Also- Really Nice Artwork, Suzuki Sensei)


We begin the chapter with Tristan’s group- he, Jade, and Chion- looking for the 4th Knight Of The Apocalypse, Gawain. But Chion cast doubt in needing the other Knights aside from Tristan. To him; Lance and Percival look like “Country Hicks,” and they don’t even know enough about Gawain to say that he’s not one, too. Tristan defends them, and Jade says that they shouldn’t doubt the Former King’s prophecy. But as they move through the crowd; Chion sees something and peels off without them noticing.

We see Gawain walking on a bridge above the crowd, trying not to be found. He comes down and looks around to see if he’s been spotted. But he fails to look above him to find Chion setting a trap for him. He explains to Gawain that he’s not a big “believer” in prophecies such as these “Knights Of The Apocalypse.” Rather; he only believes in his own power, and the power of those who prove “worthy” of his trust. Percival, Lance, Gawain- They’ve done nothing to earn that. So he plans to kill Gawain here and now.

That was Meliodas’ Idea, Wasn’t it?

We then cut over to Percival’s team- having trouble finding Gawain amongst the vast amount of Holy Knights in Liones. As they turn their attention to looking for “Golden Magic;” they begin to hear something……………

We then cut over to another part of Liones, where the man that appeared at the end of last chapter begins to eat and drink himself silly. He is then confronted by the Head Guard of the West Gate: “Ruby Holy Knight” Pelio. He questions this man’s intentions in Liones, sense he’s giving out clear intent to Kill. And the reason for that was that he wanted to attract the Strongest to him. And since Pelio came to him; this man decides that he wants to fight him. Pelio gives over his sword because it wouldn’t be right fighting an “Unarmed Man,” and the fighting starts.

Pelio is initally impressed, but he manages to dodge most of the attacks and gets behind him to get off a strike of his own. He demands that the stranger give over his name, until he notices something up with the hand he just attacked with- they’re burning up. He takes them off in a hurry. The stranger taunts that he’ll reveal his name if Pelio demonstrates that he’s “worthy” of it.

Oh Cr@p.

We end the chapter on Lance’s own search for Gawain. He’s reading everyone’s minds to see if any thoughts would lead him in Gawain’s direction. But he just ends up hearing a whole bunch of regular thoughts. A little girl comes up to him, asking why he’s out in the rain. He simply curses Tristan for making “more trouble for him,” and tells the girl to go back home. But then she does something that makes Lance turn around; she actual says what he was going to say. He thinks she’s a mind reader about himself, but she confirms this is not the case; she just knew that he would say that.

Seeing her; Lance begins to think about where he’s seen her face before. A gust of wind almost blows her off the ledge they’re on, but Lance catches her in time, leading to an……… Odd Moment. Apparently: She’s his “lover.” And they kiss. Which brings Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 58 to a Peculiar END!! Hearing what people are saying about “Spy X Family;” I hope that no one ever sees this moment. ‘Cause I TRULY don’t want to hear it……….



Last week; I wanted to talk about Chion’s motivations and why he’s so against the Knights of The Apocalypse. But it didn’t come out right. The chapter was late coming out, and by then I just didn’t see any point in the post. And while I do think that there is still more to his character and reasoning here; I feel like the more interesting story would have to be what’s happening to Lancelot. I think that I know what’s going on, but I’m not entirely sure about it.

Bare with me, guys: MY THOUGHT is that this is indeed Guinevere from Arthurian Legend- the wife of King Arthur in Arthurian Legends- and she is the “Princess Of The Lake.” And she has a degree of Future sight, which allows her to know that Lance is supposed to be her lover, or what he was about to say. That all seems obvious. But what do you guys suppose she’s doing in Liones right now? Is it just for Lance or……….

Even Lance had to break character for a minute……..

It’s become pretty clear that Arthur is looking for the woman that would be his bride, but why would his bride be hiding from him? Does she have something that he wants? Perhaps something to help him overcome Liones? Or is it just a plain love story– which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, given how Suzuki sensei handles romance in his story. He honestly handles it the best of any series I’ve seen thus far- aside from Kaguya Sama: Love is War(Season 3 is Out Right Now now- leave a like and go watch it). But what I’m saying is that Arthur may be in love with her, but she may not love him. And that may be in part because she knows a thing or 2 about the future.

I completely blanked on the fact that an older version of her appeared in chapter 32– she appeared to Lancelot in the middle of the night in a wedding dress. This kind of led to an idea I had a when I first started writing this post(I’m writing this over the course of DAYS– I forget some of my own points from time to time). My idea was that Guinevere used some kind of Magic to move through time when it comes time for the Knights to fulfill their namesake. And when that day comes; she’ll use a spell to travel back in time to ensure that it happens- while also keeping her identity a secret from everyone but Lancelot.

But why specifically Lancelot? Well that’s the obvious part: Because They’re Lovers. And if this series is anything like its predecessor, then I imagine that the fate of everything- the chose that the Knights of The Apocalypse make- is going to hinge heavily on the Love connection between the cast. Think about “Seven Deadly Sins:” The entire plot of that series was only spawned from Meliodas and Elizabeth’s desire to be together- they had to start entire Holy Wars and hordes of Demons just to hold hands! This might be a similar case.

Preparing For The Wedding That’ll Never Come To Pass……….

Maybe this whole prophecy comes about through Guinevere’s desire to be with Lance- a “Self Perpetuating Prophecy” that sees Guinevere come back in time at the end of the world to prevent the problem, only for the problem to have been start by she herself. Something like that; something like “Time Loop.” Depending on how Suzuki chooses to handle this type of story(story telling wise- he’s proven that he can handle MULTIPLE Romantic plotline), I think it could be interesting to watch unfold.


And- there you have, my lovely ducks! I think I said the main thing that I wanted to say. Let me know your own thoughts on the chapter, and where you think the story is going next. I know that this review came out at a weird time, but I needed to get this one out. Until the next post, my fellow readers- Have a Magically Wonderful Day. Catch ya later!!

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