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Heroes, Villains, And Child Soldiers. My Hero Academia Chapter 363 BREAKDOWN

A little plain, but this was kind of a “plan” chapter. This whole arc just feels like it’s trying to copy the previous war arc. But it’s missing the “Oomph” that arc had- the build up; the character dynamics; Tomura Shigaraki; and a whole lot of other stuff we don’t have time to get into. I’m glad the story is getting better, but……… that stint has had a lasting effect on the series. At least we got a proper send off out of it. My Hero Academia Chapter 363: “Those Who Defend, Those Who Violate.” Let’s begin……


The Chapter Begins with Monoma thinking back to the Joint Training with Class 1A- how Bakugo proclaimed that he seeks a “Flawless, 4-0 Victory.” Thinking back to that moment- he can’t believe what just happened; none of them can. All For Destruction takes that moment to belittle everyone at present; “You Sent A Children into a Warzone due to your own lack of numbers.” As he taunts them to all to attack; Mirko leaps ahead- regretting not killing him when she had the chance. But AFD assures her that it’s not all her fault- ALL THE HEROES FAILED THAT TIME AROUND!!!

As with anything this time around, when 1 thing goes wrong- so does everything else. Dabi is back up, and he’s managed to copy Dear Little Shoto’s new move. Charred As He Is; he’s still able to burn everyone and everything around him. He starts to talk about how he’s “glad” that he got to fight Shoto first, as it let him gain something new to throw in his family’s face. Shoto realizes that his brother doesn’t just have “raw power” backing him- he knows what he’s doing. And it’s turning out to be a nightmare as the “Blue Flames Of Obsession” burns away all of Endeavor’s sidekicks. 

Dabi calls out to Skeptic, who just so happens to have a spy audio thing on the back of this Mid End Nomu, about Endeavor’s location- as Skeptic figured. He tells him him Endeavor is at the Gunga Villa ruins fighting All For One as he hacks into the UA Barrier, severing communications with the other Battle Fields altogether. He goes on and on about “Re-Destro’s Ideals” this and “No Need For ‘Heores’ and ‘Villains'” that, and we cut over to the shelter where UA used to be. I say that but it honestly was that bad a speech. We’ll get to that later. 

That School Teacher from Bakugo and Shoto’s little Provision License Make-Up Course is trying to keep those same kids under control. They’re not worried because of “5 Weenies” and Bakugo’s involvement in the battle(Ha ha ha ha). All the while All For One’s “Flies On The Wall” get the call to move. BIG TROUBLE. At the Villa Ruins; All For makes yet another unforgettable speech: “My side was entirely on Defense in the last battle. In fact; I hear you and yours prevented a lot of things. But this time- Not So Much. Heroes are ‘Those Who Defend-‘ while Villains ‘Violate.’ Behold As We Plunge Headlong Towards Our Dreams!!” 

Ladies And GentlemenThe True Face Of The Ultimate Evil. Doesn’t He Look Kind Of “Plain?” My Hero Academia Chapter 326 END!! No, but seriously. 


…………………………… Pretty Good Chapter. Though it continues to highlight the problems of this arc vs the previous war. In the last battle; every chapter would show the Heroes one-upping the Villains, and then the next shows off a victory for the villains- either case building up to a grand event and essentially being a small-scale version of what I loved about “My Hero” before hand, and showing off Horikoshi’s talents in long term story telling. This arc wishes it could be that. It certainly trying to “streamline” what happened last time, showing us the main points and just letting us hang on that for about 2 minutes before jumping over the the next battle field. I began to feel this way when All For One started regaining his face. 

Though to be fair, we haven’t cut back to the Best Girl Himiko chan field. In like a long time. Nor do we know what’s happening with Izuku. I don’t know if I’d prefer Izuku arrive soon and we flashback to what happened, or if we should pick up in the middle of what’s going on. Either way; I feel like Horikoshi’s making Izuku what Machia was to the previous War- that “Looming Threat” making its way to the battle. It’s not working for me- especially since Izuku isn’t the BEAST Machia was that promises nothing but carnage and destruction on his way to the main front, nor do I know how he’s going to get in. If Monoma breaks his gaze for a minute- they’re done. An opening in the barrier– THAT’S ALL, FOLKS. 

Something that I do think has been good is how 1 victory affects the whole War. Shoto’s momentary victory pushed the Heroes further to the point where Bakugo even found out a kink in All For Destruction’s movements. And with Bakugo’s death being announced; the Villains have started to fight back. That’s not a bad touch. And again; All For One’s dialogue proves to be the saving grace of the story. 

I also liked that AFD called out the Heroes on their actions. I don’t care how strong they are; smart they are; brave; stubborn; or “worthy of being a Hero-“ They sent these 14/15/16/17 year olds into a War against the DEVIL. They’re still kids. It may be admirable that they’re still willing to support the Heroes after everything that’s happened, but………. this is not their fight. It’s none of their fights. It was barely even All Might’s. This little “War” between All For One and One For All has been going on for hundreds of years, roping in innocent people into it, whether they’ve held the quirk or not. Kotaro Shimura, Tenko Shimura, Katsuki Bakugo. It’s honestly better for everyone that this ends with Izuku when you think about it…………………


…………………………… You would think 2 weeks after the fact that I’d have more to say. Honestly I wish I had waited for 364 to go on hiatus, because I have something to say about THAT. Not that it would be any different from what the rest of the internet is saying. Though I also have something to say about All For One in that chapter. Hm……….. 

You know, when I came back from a lengthy hiatus on my old site; I picked my favorite chapters from the ones I talk about, and talk about those opposed to all of them. I suppose reacclimating to a new site got me back in the mindset of “Talk About Absolutely Everything.” I think I’ll do a review for 364, but it may be later like the rest. Hopefully it’ll turn out better. 

In any case; that’s all I got for the lot of ya today, boys and girls. Til next time, duckies; Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~~~e!!!!

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