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Bardock’s Resolve!! Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 BREAKDOWN

A little generic of a review title, but I think it fits this chapter more than any other. I honestly wanted to talk about “Dragon Ball Super” this time around, but MAN OH MAN the end of this month’s chapter of Boruto had me HYPED!! This chapter also had me hyped– a battle chapter is always great visually speaking if nothing else- but I think the fans are going to be split on this one……….. again. The manga’s almost as divisive as Star Wars, though not NEARLY as popular. Though the sales for the latest volume over in Japan were pretty good.

In this month; we continue and ultimately conclude Bardock’s story in this arc, as his battle against Gas is shown in full detail! I hope you’re ready to see The Father Of Goku kick some imp @$$! Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83: “Bardock vs Gas Part 2.” Let’s begin………


vs Gas!!

The chapter opens where the last left off: Bardock is defending Monaito and a young, unconscious Granolah from Gas. The young Heeter creates an Energy Mace. Monaito tells Bardock that he’s done enough for them- he’s ready to accept his fate. Gas interjects, telling Bardock that the “Saiyan’s won’t be around much longer anyway-” alluding to the fate of Planet Vegeta in the future. Bardock tells Gas to “knock it off with the cryptic cr@p,” and throws a ki blast at him. The battle continues with Gas bringing down his mace on Bardock- who blocked most of the damage, but still takes a heavy blow.

He tosses Gas away, and tells Monaito to “stay out of his fight.” He goes back to fighting, but Gas releases a portion of his “Inner Nature,” and completely flips the script on Bardock- knocking him around. Monaito retreats back to his hut to drop off Granolah and retrieve the Dragon Balls to wish Bardock back to Planet Vegeta. But when confronted with the option; Bardock rejects Toronbo and Monaito’s help, saying “A Saiyan Would Rather Die Than Run From An Enemy!!!” He goes back to fighting against Gas, who’s starting to look more and more agitated.

He knocks Bardock away, giving Monaito a chance to speak with him telepathically. He tells Bardock that the “kindness” he displayed on this day may one day save someone else- thus; he must live to see that day. But Bardock refuses to leave until he’s won this fight. So Monaito asks if he has any wish in particular that he wants granted right now, to which the Saiyan replies “I’d Wish My Sons End Up Thriving.Meh- half ain’t that bad.

As the battle rages on; we cut over to the other Heeters, who see off in the distance the Dragon Balls dispersing. But not knowing what they are at this moment, they think them just shooting stars. But Elec notes that it came from where Monaito’s hut is. So he sends Macki and Oil to greet Frieza’s ship while he goes to check it out.

Back with the battle; Gas overwhelms Bardock, getting him by the tail and using it to slam him around before ultimately tearing it off. Thinking that Bardock no longer has anyway to win without the Great Ape form, he creates an Energy Spear to end the fight. But timely intervention from Monaito keeps Bardock from dying. Bardock ask Monaito why he got in the way, to which the old Namekian responds that he wants to protect Granolah with his own strength- meaning that he’s willing to take a hit for Bardock if it means that he’ll(Bardock) be able to win this fight.

Gas becomes furious with the constant interventions and interruptions, and unleashes his Full “Instincts” with every intention of finishing the battle. He knocks Monaito away, and grabs Bardock by the face- vowing to killing Monaito and Granolah when he’s done here. Bardock breaks free, and starts fighting back- harder. Gas asks what’s pushing him so far- if it’s atoning for all of the races his people have killed. or rage over what’s happened to the Namekians and Cerealians. Bardock’s response:

Isn’t it obvious by now?

In a Life-And-Death Battle- What sort of Idiot would think of anything else besides VICTORY?!

Bardock, The Father Of Son Goku

Gas attacks in anger, and Bardock punches him DEAD in the stomach- telling him that he’s fighting because “he wants to win- nothing else to it.” He blasts him away, making Gas wonder how Bardock was able to “ascend.” Bardock tells him that Saiyans possess a way to “Evolve Every time they push past their limits-” enveloping himself in a powerful aura. Gas stands back up, telling the Saiyan that he “represents a limit that no Saiyan can surpass.” Giving into his instincts fully; Gas goes completely berserk, which just makes him easier to fight against. And so; we go back to the moment from chapter 80, in which Bardock uses his full power to blow Gas away!!

Gas finally loses consciousness- Bardock has won. He collapses on the ground. But then; Elec comes to collect Gas. Bardock clings to consciousness long enough to ask why the Heeter’s are working against Frieza like this. Elec simply replies that it’s “just business as usual,” and hints at the Saiyan’s ultimate fate once again. Bardock asks what Elec is talking about, but the Heeter boss simply shoots him in his shoulder, making him fall backwards off the cliff. He shoots more round to make sure he’s dead, and then gets a call from Macki that Frieza’s ship has arrived.

As the Heeter’s leave; Monaito comes to Bardock’s aid, commending him on his victory- bringing Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 to a Triumphant END!! What can I say about this?………


Like; GENUINELY what should I say? I knew that I wanted to do a review for at least 1 of the monthly chapters, and I picked “Dragon Ball Super” because HELLOMassive “Dragon Ball” Fan boy over here. To the point of toxicity at some points, but a fan all the same!! That said; this was a Battle chapter; they don’t have much to say with New Age manga. So the Grandfather of All Shonen Battle Story’s CERTAINLY doesn’t have much to say or convey through the fights. At best; we get Goku’s “My friends lift me up to greater heights” vs Jiren’s “Friends are a weakness.” But is there more to this fight than I’m seeing? Was there some kind of hint in this story that will help Goku defeat Gas? The Simple Answer is Yes. The REAL question is: What Is It?


In this chapter; Bardock tells us that Saiyans “have a way of growing and evolving every time we push past our limits.” On the surface, this is just more of the same “Saiyan’s Have No Limits” shlock we’ve been hearing since the end of the anime- a way for the staff behind “Dragon Ball” to keep introducing transformation after transformation to make more of those toys, add more DLC to Xenoverse 2, and recapture the initial EPICNESS that was Goku Turning Super Saiyan For The First Time. But if you look into it a little more here; it may tell Goku what he needs to know: “Who He Is.” Whis told him that that was the key to progressing in his Mastery of Ultra Instinct. Maybe this will be how?

This arc has had this interesting theme- a central idea- of your “Instinct-” that natural inclination that tells you what to do- and the “Ego-” the way that you want to do things, regardless of the cost. Granolah gave in to his Ego to get this power; Gas gave over to “Instinct” and lost to Bardock, then let his “Ego” prevent him from using his new powers properly against Granolah, and managed to “tame his Instincts” with the help of Elec; and Goku and Vegeta’s transformations are self-explanatory. And then you have Bardock, who doesn’t seem to give over to 1 or the other. In fact; it almost seems like he’s able to…….. Strike A Balance?

“I Prefer Death Over Defeat.”

Bardock’s presence in this arc is made to show the 4 main Characters of the arc- Goku, Vegeta, Granolah, and especially Gas- how to balance their “Instincts” and “Egos.” Or at least; that’s what I’m trying to convey. I’ve had to re-write this portion 3 or 4 times to get to this point. I think I’m getting it as I go, but to put it simply: I’m interpreting this as Bardock telling Gas that………. he’s not fighting for the sake of his “Ego” and trying to atone for the sins of his race like Vegeta at the beginning of this arc, or giving into his “Instincts” and fighting because Elec killed Granolah’s mom.

He’s doing this because…………… he wants to? Because he wants to Win? He told Gas that his mind was on “Victory,” but that spits in the face of the message about not giving over to “Ego.” I guess…….. to live? Because it was a “Life-And-Death” battle, and to “Win” means a better chance at you “Living…….” I guess. Or maybe he was referring more to protecting Granolah or Monaito? I know it has something to do with “Rising Above Instinct And Ego.” And I know that Bardock’s battle is the key for Goku to figure out what that is. But I can’t seem to grasp WHAT he’s trying to say. Maybe I’m just overthinking this.

Me Thinking About The Philosophy Of A Gag Manga


…………… I guess that’s it, then. No point in elogating the post that just to talk myself in a d@mn circle, not knowing if my next point will contradict the last. So let’s just end this one here, boys and girls. Let me know your own thoughts on the chapter in the comments. Until next time, everyone; Have A Magically Wonderful Day. Laters!!

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