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Edens Zero Chapter 258 SHORT REVIEW

I THOUGHT I’d have more to say about this chapter after how long it took me to do the previous chapter review, but in thinking about it- looking at the notes and everything that I have to say in regards to this chapter even hours after reading it- I actually don’t have much to say. Or rather; everything that I wrote down could be summarized into 2 points. Once again, I have more hours at work right now. And I’m trying to get through this and another “Short Review” for One Piece all before Dead Rock comes out on Friday. A Friday that I’m actually kind of looking forward to. Lord I hope I didn’t just jinx that day. Though knowing MY luck I most assuredly DID. Well, whatever. Ah…….. I feel like I’m rushing for some reason. And I don’t want to rush through these points- they’re no less important than any other things I talk about(and arguably more important if what I’m thinking turns out to be true). 

I think it’s reading that One Piece chapter and then getting to work on posts; I didn’t give myself as much time to sit and “dwell” on it. That- and everything I said in my notes about that chapter goes back to The Thing. Those who follow “One Piece” know what I’m talking about. I’m sure I’ll calm down in a minute when I stop this opening and “chill,” but as it stands I need to calm down. Shown by the fact that I have no clue how to segue into the chapter. Though this creates a chance for me to finally say that I found out how “segue” is supposed to be spelled. I’m not a MASOCHIST, so I’m not gonna go back and change ALL instances of me saying “segway” to “Segue;” I’ll simply be using the correct spelling going forward. Okay, okay; chilling out now. Let’s begin. Edens Zero Chapter 258: “The Shape Of A Planet.” 

Shiki vs One- Round 2

THIRD TIMES THE CHARM with this one; this is the second time that I’ve had to rethink what I’m saying in regards to this plot point. What I think I’m TRYING to say is that Shiki going to face Void again will end mor-or-less like it almost did with Ziggy. One was in possession of Ziggy’s body back then, and- had Pino not jumped in at the last minute- One would have crushed Shiki. And I mean that literally. He may be stronger now with the power he got from Ziggy- both that transformation from 214 and “Wormhole,” not to mention unlocking Overdrive routes– but……….. Void is said to be stronger than Ziggy- at least in terms of durability. But you just know this Final Villain is gonna be the strongest character we’ve seen in this series. That’s how Battle Shonen works. So no; I highly doubt that Shiki will be able to beat him here. 

Not to mention that someone is likely going to be following Shiki onto the ship. 1)Traps Galore. And 2)Void knows that Shiki’s friends are his greatest weakness. It doesn’t matter if he can’t trap Shiki or damage him in any way; he needs to attack the other person that boards with him! Who will it beLikely Rebecca. 3 Things To Expect From That: Happy tagging along; Reebcca loosing her clothes; and likely her getting her own battle. Perhaps seeing Shiki utilize an Overdrive Route will let her figure out a new way to fight. But yeah; I don’t think that Shiki will win this rematch. Rule of 3 With Storytelling: The Hopeful opening(Shiki overcoming Ziggy in the end of their battle); The “All Is Lost” second part(this battle); and then the “Happy” Finale that sours the whole thing. And that will be the Final Battle. 

Mashima says that he’s at a point where he’s forced to choose whether or not to end “Edens Zero” at this juncture to make Dead Rock a full series- or keep Dead Rock short and continue “Edens Zero.” I would rather have more Dead Rock than “Edens Zero.”love this story, but I think it’s run its course. And the mysteries are about to get their answers, anyway; while I think there’s still a lot that the story can do- I also can’t see it making it that far past the series’ 6th Anniversary in June of next year. Maybe this time next year, but no more than that. Any longer and it might just hurt the story. And that’s my point: This isn’t the “Final Battle;” this is the precursor to that- the battle that tells us what Void can do; the battle that sets up “Who Will Fight Who” and what they all have to bring to the table; things of that nature. Which brings me to my NEXT point

The Fate Of Valkyrie And Witch

Will they die here? The Dark Stars have certainly put them in the similar situations to facilitate it: 

  • Valkyrie is up against a Horde of monsters trying to protect people
  • The ship is about to blow up and Witch has to protect it

“History Corrects Itself.” But it’s not like they’re gonna take their fates lying down. They have more reason than ever to live, and they’re going to bring something new to the table to fulfill it! They both have Overdrive now………… for better or worse. I………… didn’t like Kleene and Weisz just “getting” those forms during Aoi War, you know? Kris had a whole little arc about it, and Homura……….. well, I still don’t know. But that made sense. I think she was getting closer to it during the Xenolith training, but needed that last “push” during her fight with Milani to win. Literally everyone else was just…….. HANDED it, like a Bargain sale. And you KNOW how much I LOVE those. Weisz’ sucks and just…….. eh, kind of useless when all is said and done; Kleene used it once and she’s never done anything else after; Rebecca- okay, it came after a 3 year time skip(though Kaede War  made her feel “Overdrive Carried”); Laguna doesn’t do sh!t else; Hermit got it after a 3 year time skip. And of all the ones I’ve said I only accept 2. Topic for another day.

Back on topic: I’m trying to say that Valkyrie having it- I can accept. And Witch, to a certain extent- in the same way I accept Rebecca’s. Does this put them over their Dark Star counterpartsNo clue. Heck, for all we know; Void could have given them a “buff” that let’s them Overdrive, too!! Witch I think is gonna show us why she’s the “Shield Of Edens,” but Valkyrie is where I begin to get concerned. Because Brigadine is seemingly the Strongest Dark Stars. And as cool as Valkyrie is– unless she’s about to pull out something like that still-as-of-yet-unexplored “Overclock” thing Clown mentioned- I don’t think she can match an Upgraded Brigadine. Homura had to wait for him to attack her to win their fight, and this is- once again– a New Model. One that was upgraded by someone who has armor even stronger than Ziggy’s, and Valkyrie told Homura that she couldn’t beat Ziggy!! That– put together with her being in the same situation that killed her the her in the other worlds- There is no reason for me to think she’s coming out of this fight. 

Will this set Homura down a path to “Avenge Her Teacher?” Or will she end up fighting Freya in the end, and Valkyrie just does something that takes the both of them out right here? My money is on the second one- if for nothing more than I think retreading ground like that would be kind of pointless at that point in the story. We’re getting the Shining Star Flashback, folks; we’re about to learn something HUGE. This is NOT the time for something like that. And again; Witch is gonna stomp Wizard right here. But that doesn’t guarantee that she makes it out of this story alive………….

The Shining Star’s Origin Story

The Fan Consensus On What This Flashback is meant to tell usThis Is The Origin Of Mother HERSELF. The Planet the Human Shining Star’s and relics come from- the origin of all Ether in the Universe- the Parent of the Universe- This is where she comes from. And I think I get what Mashima is going for: The planet the Shining Star’s come from- is Earth itself. MOTHER Earth. And Human Hermit(“Mio” I guess) and Human Killer are going to try and force the planet into Overdrive. Which is how it becomes Mother– a being who’s Ether has reached its critical point and become so vast in power that it’s spreading throughout the Universe. Mother Earth has given rise to all sorts of Life Forms- not even all of them known to man; Mother is that on a Grander Scale- her Ether gives rise to species like Nero, or Bernadette, and so on and so forth! And Human’s being the dominant species throughout the series represents our place on Earth. SOMETHING TO THAT EFFECT. 

I am also still of the mindset that- when this planet Overdrived and “gave” Ether to all of creation- its what gave rise to the Dark Ages; this power had always been imbued into life from the get-go. That’s how Mio and Human Killer knew about it in the FIRST place. But Mother’s ether spread so vastly to the Universe that humanity itself began to “overflow” with it. And as intelligent life tends to do; someone somewhere at some miscellaneous point in time tried doin’ somethin’ with it. Which is how “Magic” was born. And somewhere down the line- someone tried refining that magic into things more “constrained.” Something that limited the power of everyone who would use their magic for Evil. Something closer to equipment than to “spell casting.” Thus the origin of Ether Gear. But not at the moment; that stuff will likely come later on when the crew starts exploring the Mother Cosmos. 


THAT took a substantial portion of my time. One Piece AND Dead Rock have come out, and I need to get to those soon.Good thing I FINALLY have Saturday off. I don’t care if they call me or what; I talked to the Assistant Manager about it and everything- They’re gonna leave me the f*ck ALONE for the next 3 days. And that’s a promise. Ah………… Human Shining Star names. I guess that’s why Mashima changed Hermit’s last name from “Milon” to “Mio-” that was the name of her Human counterpart. But he changed it because one of the B Cuber’s that was brought to Guilst with Rebecca already had that name; he forgot about it. We now have at least 1 Dark Star’s name, too. Why were these 8 people revived as machinesAnd why does Pino know all of this? Guess we’ll be finding out in the coming weeks. As “Edens Zero-” Continues. ‘Til next time, America. 

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